Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A week of Good Karma....f'ing finally

If I were religious, I would throw out an academy award "thank you jesus" while pointing towards the sky (and I would say it really fast). But alas..

A recap of a kick ass week:

1. Close friend got married. I was in wedding. Saw my old friends, and got super nostalgic. My most sarcastic friend (whats up Peter) found about this blog. I took alot of shit for it. I did the old "good for business" response to deflect. nice speech by the way.

2. I finished building a new bar at Union Cattle Co. 2 nights of no sleep, 4 days of construction, 15 subs helping, and a ton of coffee. check it out. its sick - and we're doing the whole restaurant in 20 days. by the way, building a venue/restaurant is like building a house on crack. we can't close for very long, so we work all night long. just so all you all can drink in a disneyland looking adult place.

3. TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS confirmed at Saint Rocke 5/15. Holy shit. 5546, pressure drop, and the list goes on. if you have ever listened to reggae music, this guy is up there with bob marley. seriously. this show at saint rocke will be RETARDED.

4. NOFX confirmed 4/19. Scared for my venue. Take it easy on us Fat Mike. But so excited. Another band I grew up, skating & surfing pre-music. This show is PRIVATE. I have tickets though for my online crew - so hit me up. respond to the blog and we'll hook it up. This is with HavocTV, some guys from Manhattan that grew up local and went to Costa. They are doing some really cool stuff over at

5. SHOW ON 4/20. Can't tell. But late on 4/19 after the NOFX show, we start loading in at 2am, for our next show which will be at 7am. more to follow. definitely follow this.

6. HAD A GREAT DINNER & TALK. Sounds basic right? But think about it. when is the last time you had dinner (grilled salmon i made, bomb), a glass of wine, a good 75F sunset, with a lovely lady, and had a GREAT CONVERSATION. I tend to talk too much as it is, but I don't think she minded. She's a friend of mine, and it's plutonic, but damn, these days those day are rare.

7. DOGS GOT WASHED. The stinkin dogs. Finally got them washed. thats why this is #7. You're thinking who cares.

8. Figured out concept for upstairs UCC. I am separating union cattle into two places. the upstairs is going to be called OCEAN BAR. YOU LIKE?

And that my friends, is a kickass week. Finally. Was wondering when karma would hook a brother up.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pondering a classic question on the way home from Mammoth...

Last Weekend..Mammoth....1.5 days....epic. Solid snow, solid friends, blue skies, and aside from my tired quads, just a great trip. Good to get away from the bar business for a weekend. That being said, went to some restaurants up there - and I'd have to say - pretty average. But like crooked police, I never name bad restaurants. Its the brotherhood. But I digress.
So I'm driving the drive home from Mammoth, with a friend I've know for 25 years, and we're talking...what else...women. And we get into the "age" conversation. And we start talking about honesty, and how (now dont get all pissed off - read through it) women almost force men to play games in a way. Let me explain. Most men are super straight-forward with what they want - but if they are too straightforward, women (especially younger) don't like it. They like the bad boy, the non-communicator, the guy that doesn't call 'em back, or that waits 6 hours before a text back. But see, guys know this. So instead of do what they are feeling, they instead are forced to play the manipulative role in order to keep it going - to keep her interested and on the edge of her seat. Now I call bullshit on this, because I try to be as honest as possible, even if it hurts. Doesnt mean I succeed all the time, but I try. So my friend, who is back in the fishpond after a 10 year hiatus asks me....

"Well what the F do I do then? Be honest and lose, or play the game and win?"

GD, thats a hard question.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

SUBLIME w. ROME : Yeah or Nay

Now we all know Sublime, and if you didn't like them, you suck. They created a genre in my eyes, that people have been trying to copy/edit/make their own for the last 15 years. I saw Sublime in 95 and it was one of the worst live shows ever, as Bradley could barely play the guitar. I was going to school at Santa Clara, and it was in the student auditorium. Look back at it now and laugh....BUT, they put out some amazing, ground-breaking tunes, and the tunes are still going strong today.

So the question is - ROME WITH SUBLIME. Good idea or bad? On one hand, you say, look at Van Halen. David Lee Roth, then Sammy Hagar. Still Van Halen, both good, both different. But Sublime seems different. Sublime IS/WAS Bradley Nowell. At least thats how it feels to me. And Sublime with Rome seems more like marketing than the same band. What do you guys think of this latest incantation?

Temporary Personal Ban on Reflective Music

I realized something today. Its pretty basic. I tend to listen to slow, mellow vibe music, and although Im not a huge lyric guy (more focus on the instruments), the lyrics tend to be about life and everything being alright, and valleys, and peaks, and etc.etc. And you know what, whether you realize it or not, it sets your mood during the day. And lately i've been a little flat, so I've installed a temporary ban on this music in my life for a few weeks as a test. Like today. I went to update the website and I usually throw on Jay Nash, Josh Radin, Tyrone, Chris Pierce - some mellow cool shit like that - but I type slower, create slower, start thinking. So today I put on Dirty Heads (although wish they would play Saint Rocke over Brixton but oh well) and I was rocking it. Just getting it done. (didnt mean to plug, but did). So lesson for today to myself. You make your mood, you dont let the world make it. Its better that way. Turn it up!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Dating Service

Anybody need a business idea? Someone should start a LIVE MUSIC DATING SERVICE. Check it.
Music connects alot of people - its pretty hard to drive in the car with someone thats playing sucky music; if you love Dylan, and she's playing Young Jeezy, no go. If he's playing Death Cab, and you hate emo, goose egg. So, this service lines up music styles, and single people into go with some sort of tricky signal that they are part of the this thing. See, a few things: 1. you already like the same music. 2. It's loud, so the initial talking is minimum (good thing, not bad thing). 3. easy escape routes. 4. depending on your mood of what type of girl (or guy) you like, you go to either a Sade love show, or a Courtney Love show where the guys liked to get walked on. genius i say. genius. and by the way, there is a revolution called SPEEDY starting. you'll see. And lastly, if you're not following the blog, start following because only blog readers getting tickets to our iROCKe shows in April (holy crap, the lineup is getting retarded).