Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who wins...the Turtle or the Hare?

A friend of mine was telling me about this girl he met, and he described her like a turtle (I actually just thought M&M as I was writing this) : she is very hard to get to know (shell) , but says she has a soft side (get it now?). He says he is just trying to get to know her, and that he thinks one day, like a turtle, she will reveal herself, or "come out of her shell". (I need to stop it with these cliches)...anyway, I asked, what if she never comes out? Then you spent a bunch of time waiting and coaxing for not...and to which he replied, ' I guess thats why they say the turtle always wins'.

Aftermath of the Shows

A week to remember. Fuuuuuuuuuuu$%k. I try not to use bad words on this, but there is no better descriptive expletive that can better illustrate how I feel. First, NOFX. It's funny, I get so excited to make things happen, to get the streaming going, to surround Saint Rocke with people that can get things done, to deliver a product, that by the time comes, uh, too tired to enjoy. So I sat through NOFX with my eyes half open, but all the while amazed at their show. I truly don't understand how guys that party that hard are able to play music for 20 years, and are able to sound musically tight. Thats why they are then I go home to sleep for 3 hours, because Cypress Hill and KROQ are loading in at midnight right after the show. By the time I get back to the Rocke, there is, NO JOKE, a line from Saint Rocke to nearly the Land Rover dealership on 1st street; at 430am. What??? Could not believe my eyes. Just so you all know, it takes a good 30 people working super hard for 4-5 hours in the morning to put this show on. An army. Sound Army. Kevin & Bean were super entertaining - but Cypress BLEW DOORS. absolutely blew doors. Insane in the Membrane followed by Rockstar. Now I now why people stay up and wait in line. All done now, but still enjoying the aftermath...TMZ called wanting to know more, we got calls from some agents with some more huge acts (one of which if books, oh lord), and word is getting out that Saint Rocke is growing a music garden down in the South Bay. So word to all the people that go to the Rocke - and to keep the cliche fresh, Rocke ON. Lastly, nice to meet alot of you through these shows - great to put a face to a name/email. Keep checking in, many more secret shows to come.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Winna Winna Chicken Dinna

Okay, so winners round 1. These were the first to post on the blog....if they dont go, we pick more people. They have 48 hours to respond. also, we are giving away 2 tix per day on Twitter so check us out over there if you didn't win in this round....for those below, email me to confirm.

Delight Sherry
Gregory Gerily
Holderman Evan
Lange Jani
Handzlik Craig
Sikola Jason
Carter Cedar
Weems Lindsey
Sikola Jason
Cressman Jordan
Fisher Erin
Lewis Ashley
Barnett Arian
Heath Jessica
ValCarcel Meredith
McCown Jackie
Grey Tim
Addante Brianna

Got a few more - will give out end of week.
Thanks for supporting music. Thanks for supporting the ROCKE.
and by the way, another tidbit. tuesday morning - BIG band following up NOFX. cant announce till 4/16.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NOFX Tickets & the definition of COOL

I know I know. All you all just care about the NOFX tickets. Cool. I have them. lots of them. and I'm going to give them away somewhere in this post. Read on...
But before I say that, wanted to thank a good friend of mine, a guy who played last night at the Rocke, Jay Nash. I met Jay through CP a few years ago, and one night we had walked through a torn-up beginning of what was to ultimately become the Rocke. I bullshitted my way through the layout, even though I winged it when I was building it, because I hadn't built a live venue per say. But last night, I was watching Jay, and he elegantly thanked me for putting live music back in the South Bay on stage (which is nice, but a bit overstating) - and I thought to myself. Damn. In two years we've done some really cool stuff in here, and music seems to be back in the South Bay, alive again. And as I was reflecting on that, he started playing one of his tunes (by the way, and I realized something : I love listening to slow, mellow tunes about life, love lost, times gone, and letting my mind run with it. Some good solid emotional tunes, and no I dont cry when he's playing. So Yeah, not manly, not macho, I get it, chicks dig the asshole (yes girls, its true, stop lying) . Punk, reggae, rock, way "cooler." And 5 years ago I would've lied. But I guess that's what being in your 30's is all about - defining cool as whatever you like, regardless of what people think. So, f people who try to define cool, or put it in a box and wrap it up (case study: Apple). Let people decide whats cool for them. And gd (making my own acronyms) you'll find me at the next mellow, songwriter show, because I like it. That being said, the actual next show you'll find me at is the NOFX show - and so here's how to get tix:

Thank you for your reponses already, but you have to be A FOLLOWER of the blog to get tickets through me. sorry, ruthless self-promotion. :) BUT, if you're my friend on the digital, then you get hookups with free tix. so become a follower, and then email me. First 25 people to do that (i have timestamps) get free tix. GO. Also, if you are blogger illiterate, follow twitter cuz we're given some away there as well. And lastly, everyday we're giving away some tickets at Happy Hour AT SAINT ROCKE in drawings. Cool? See you all there.... Allen