Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, for my first time ever, I decided on Sunday to go to the Concert Series in Hermosa Beach. Rebelution, solid up and coming band, whose management company I know pretty well, was playing, and I thought, hmm, mellow day, listen to some tunes at Sunset, cool. So we got there early, got a good spot, and aside from sound sound snafus, it started pretty good. But somewhere along the line I didnt get the memo that the highschools sent out inviting every kid in town down there. And Im even cool with that. But parents, please teach your kids 3 things...
1. clean up after yourselves. the beach was a friggin mess at the end of the concert. unacceptable, especially if youve grown up here, and have any pride in keeping it nice.
2. when people set up their blankets and shit, that sand is tapped. it doesnt mean that you walk all over it, push your crews inside of it, and ruin the older folks good times down there.
3. leave your dogs at home. no place for little dogs - its not even cool for the dogs sake.

I guess its true. Im getting older.
Band was solid though. they should play Saint Rocke.

Monday, July 20, 2009

How long should a band really play for?

Lets face it..I couldnt listen to Bob Marley, well actually, I could, so lets say Dave Matthews, inside of Saint Rocke for more than 2 hours. But I'd also feel jipped if I got only 30 minutes in. So that begs the question - what is the perfect amount of time for a band to play? For the band, they want you to want more after they are off stage. Its good old econ 101. Give them more than they want and they won't want anymore. Give them too little and they won't fall in love with it. So I ask, how long is the PERFECT SET? Im apt to say 60 minutes, with an encore only if the fans want it....nothing worse than encores with nobody clapping. It makes me nervous, like movies where they get laughs out of making fun of people. Agh. Hate that nervousness.

Whats your call?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Words that Suck : ROUTINE

How bad does that word suck? the same way, the same time, the same thing. hmm, same kinda sucks too. the same music, the same vibe. Thats what sets music apart, NOT the same. Got stuck in a routine today, and had to share.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Three Albums on a Desert Island

Bob Marley - Uprising (for the daytime to keep it mellow). definitely not legend though.
Frank Sinatra - Greatest (for cocktail hour, i would find some kind of alcoholic berry to ferment)
hhhhhmmmmmmm. cant decide on a third right now.
i want to hear what other people say.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Dealbreaker

Freaking out when ABBA Dancing Queen comes on.

SR Live Recordings

We've just started posting a bit of our archive of music we've recorded at Saint Rocke and want to get your guys feedback on it. There are two different playlists...one is of our wednesday sessions with steve aguilar http://www.saintrocke.com/soundbox.html and the other is of the national touring artists coming through http://www.saintrocke.com/media.html . Let me know what you think. If you do some judging, I might throw out some free tickets to the show of your choice. aj.s

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th Highlights

Highlight on the 4th - seeing a punk band on a moving stage rolling up and down the strand. I wish I had thought of that - guerilla marketing style. anybody know what band that was? that was sick.

Is it just me or does anybody feel like the 4th is super tame compared to five years ago? We rolled out at noon, and it felt like a normal busy day. I remember the days where it was chaos.

good weekend for Dealbreakers too - saw a ton of dealbreakers on the strand - all forgivable on 4th of july though.

good weekend of music. highlight for me the ITALS saturday night. sick band. never get tired of the roots.

And lastly, congrats to my buddy Brad Bohl and his wife Leah, and their new son Logan. welcome to the world kid.