Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th Highlights

Highlight on the 4th - seeing a punk band on a moving stage rolling up and down the strand. I wish I had thought of that - guerilla marketing style. anybody know what band that was? that was sick.

Is it just me or does anybody feel like the 4th is super tame compared to five years ago? We rolled out at noon, and it felt like a normal busy day. I remember the days where it was chaos.

good weekend for Dealbreakers too - saw a ton of dealbreakers on the strand - all forgivable on 4th of july though.

good weekend of music. highlight for me the ITALS saturday night. sick band. never get tired of the roots.

And lastly, congrats to my buddy Brad Bohl and his wife Leah, and their new son Logan. welcome to the world kid.

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greg j said...

wasn't down in hermosa this 4th, but I believe that was the STD's... They've done it before on the 4th, as have a few other local bands.