Wednesday, August 19, 2009


As the tech world gets greater and greater, and home technology stronger, and the economy and people's spending power weaker, will people ultimately not go to see live music anymore? Do you think that live music plays a large part of people's lives? My opinion is 50/50. I'd like to hear someone elses...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

If ANYBODY reads this...

Im having dinner with a close friend, Chris Pierce, next wednesday at my other restaurant UNION CATTLE CO (greatest place ever, besides Saint Rocke) to taste his signature wines, and then he's playing Saint Rocke after in SOUNDBOX. If you dont know CP, you have GOT to see this guy's voice. Truly phenomenal. There will be no cover, and it wont be crazy crowded. If you read this, and you come next week, come introduce yourself, say "the eagle has landed" and I'll buy you a drink. How cool is that using James Bond codename shit.

Why is EVERYONE on BLAST lately?

Have you noticed lately that everyone is super on edge? every message I get, every negotiation I enter into, every agent I talk to, every band member....everybody is so intent on not getting F#*$d, or taken advantage of, that everyone is constantly ON BLAST, and to be honest, its annoying. I know the economy sucks, I know the world is jacked right now, but really does it all matter anyway? Life would be so much easier if everyone moved a little slower, spoke with a little less volume and venom, and just let the good in people show. As a venue owner, Im trying super hard to do something that has not been done in the South Bay in a long time - and everyday we try to perfect more and more. Shit - today I was up in the rafters re-hanging LED stage lights MYSELF because I want the stage to be perfect. Then I open my email and get ripped by a bunch of people over tiny details, so unimportant to the greater scheme of things... to the point where I throw my hands up. So, Im taking a break this weekend, and if you know me and/or see me, dont come at my ON BLAST. I'll have to either buy you five shots, or give you a smackdown (if you know me, you know the latter is an empty threat).