Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why is EVERYONE on BLAST lately?

Have you noticed lately that everyone is super on edge? every message I get, every negotiation I enter into, every agent I talk to, every band member....everybody is so intent on not getting F#*$d, or taken advantage of, that everyone is constantly ON BLAST, and to be honest, its annoying. I know the economy sucks, I know the world is jacked right now, but really does it all matter anyway? Life would be so much easier if everyone moved a little slower, spoke with a little less volume and venom, and just let the good in people show. As a venue owner, Im trying super hard to do something that has not been done in the South Bay in a long time - and everyday we try to perfect more and more. Shit - today I was up in the rafters re-hanging LED stage lights MYSELF because I want the stage to be perfect. Then I open my email and get ripped by a bunch of people over tiny details, so unimportant to the greater scheme of things... to the point where I throw my hands up. So, Im taking a break this weekend, and if you know me and/or see me, dont come at my ON BLAST. I'll have to either buy you five shots, or give you a smackdown (if you know me, you know the latter is an empty threat).

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