Monday, September 28, 2009

I finally figured out Monday Night Football

I finally figured this perplexing puzzle out. Monday night football. Its on about the football, or the game...its about the fact that its Monday, and monday kinda sucks (usually bad news at work is doled out on Monday), and so people want to hang out Monday night, but they feel bad, and this game gives them a defendable reason. By the way, I know football lovers just like the game so I'm not talking about them. Im talking about the groups of 30somethings (men and women) at Saint Rocke for the game last week, but nobody really caring/paying attention to the game. I loved it. Background white noise. And secondly, all the bars & restaurants are caught up competing for that Monday business that they offer ridiculous specials (exactly like $1 beers & sliders) to showcase their place. But the football? Nope. secondary. I'd even bet that most of the people out on Monday watching the football (Sharks cove exception) dont really even watch much football. Agree?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

November 3 Special Show

Cant tell you what I booked yet - until Monday. But going to be one of the coolest shows we've had since we opened. Check back for sure. This will sell out in 1 day. Gonna be amazing!!....................................SO ITS MONDAY. MATT COSTA is playing NOVEMBER 3. If you dont know this artist, you need get out from under your turtle shell. He usually sells out House of Blues, and the SOUTH BAY is on the run this time! Get tickets at the calendar page of

BUZZWORD in songwriting: Soul Mate

So, I listen to a fair amount of singer songwriter music, and they all do it. In one way or another, using an analogy here, a metaphor or simile hear, comparing it to the faded pair of jeans they had in the fifth grade, all these writers use the good ole subject of LOVE in, I'd say, 70% of their tunes. Some are angry, some are happy, some are longing, some are trying to just figure it out like the rest of us. But this one word I keep coming across, SOULMATE, is a pretty hefty philosophical endeavor...What does that mean? First it infers we have souls (what exactly are those? more than the nuerons firing in our brain? some kind of invisible cloud in our body?) and second it infers a predetermined connection to another human being. Makes my head hurt...but somehow after listening to some of these tunes, I start to believe. Maybe its just more romantic to believe it, or makes life seem a little better, dont know. Is this insane? Are there soulmates?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mike Tysons Punch Out

Just wanted to let any old schoolers know that I got a screaming deal on an old Nintendo, and I bought Mike Tysons, Kung Fu, and Super Tecmo. When I set it up at Saint Rocke, you can play anytime, and I buy the entire tab if anybody can put the beat down on Iron Mike. Im calling impossible.

Dealbreaker Number 42,358

For those of you that don't know what a Dealbreaker is, it's a term I use often in my dilapidated dating world that is defined as "an action, characteristic, stylism, or vibe that an individual exudes or displays that makes it completely impossible to further any type of dating, sexual, or romantic relationship." See below for other people's dealbreakers...but I just found another one...I was listening to some music the other night at the Rocke, and a certain person just kept asking me question after question while someone was playing. It's like interrupting during a movie. Unacceptable. Hate it. Dealbreaker. agree?

the infamous FREE show

Sometimes when I go see live music, and I walk up and its free, it does the opposite. It's like when people who dont know wine go to the Vons market and look on the top shelf, and pick the second most expensive pinot noir (only because they saw Sideways, which by the way, fuck that movie bc it busts on merlot, which is my favorite red wine) and buy because it has to be good if it costs more money. Well, hate to say it, but sometimes I fall into that with live music. The other day a friend and I were talking though, and he told me that Robert Cray played the Shed in Louisiana and the show was free, because he was intent on keeping the old feel of a southern blues show. I dont know about you, but that warms me up inside, that someone in this grey day and age still has the soul to do things like that. But in the end, and Im not just saying this, I feel guilty when I go to a show for free. We all make a living doing our shit, and then artists play their hearts out and we dont want to pay for it? hmm. dunno. thoughts? the way, shows this weekend are free for those of you that disagree. come check out the friggin rocke.

Friday, September 4, 2009


I just got back from Panama, and I got the opportunity to surf a break that hasn't been surfed before off a remote island in Panama through a dense jungle river and out into the open ocean. I attached a pic of the wave - what an experience. There are still spots left!

Live Venue VS Sports Bar

I use this blog to show you into what it's like owning a venue, the good and the bad. In our endeavor to spread live music in the South Bay, and in life's endeavors, we inevitably hit tired spots in the road, and today is one of them. Working with artists, agents, managers, road managers, etc. can be convincingly defeating at times, and I've even talked with other venue owners that feel the same in certain ways. Sometimes I wonder - would the South Bay rather a sports bar be at 142 pch than a live venue? For the labour of love, is music strong enough in the south bay that it's worth doing? Then, the paradox arrives. We have Guitar Shorty in last night, and it isn't sold out or even super packed, but he plays his heart out and everyone in their feels it. And my question is answered. Nothing, no other hobby or game, imbibes the soul and the energy that music does.