Friday, September 4, 2009

Live Venue VS Sports Bar

I use this blog to show you into what it's like owning a venue, the good and the bad. In our endeavor to spread live music in the South Bay, and in life's endeavors, we inevitably hit tired spots in the road, and today is one of them. Working with artists, agents, managers, road managers, etc. can be convincingly defeating at times, and I've even talked with other venue owners that feel the same in certain ways. Sometimes I wonder - would the South Bay rather a sports bar be at 142 pch than a live venue? For the labour of love, is music strong enough in the south bay that it's worth doing? Then, the paradox arrives. We have Guitar Shorty in last night, and it isn't sold out or even super packed, but he plays his heart out and everyone in their feels it. And my question is answered. Nothing, no other hobby or game, imbibes the soul and the energy that music does.


Anonymous said...

Wishing there was one season...just one...without sports. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Can you guys turn down the music a little? It's a small venue and yet I feel like I'm in some annoying club when the band starts playing. Sometimes it's not that bad like this last Monday when Jeremy Buck was playing, but other times it's so loud I can't even talk to anybody.

It would be nice to have a bar to go to where I can actually converse with someone next to me without shouting.

What about taking the speakers out of the bar or something so it's at least quieter back there.

Anonymous said...

Love going to SR. Love the live music, and getting lucky every now and then when an incredible artist is playing and it isn't sold out. We have enough sports bars in the SB, so please keep the music playing. BTW, love the sliders! MD