Thursday, September 10, 2009

the infamous FREE show

Sometimes when I go see live music, and I walk up and its free, it does the opposite. It's like when people who dont know wine go to the Vons market and look on the top shelf, and pick the second most expensive pinot noir (only because they saw Sideways, which by the way, fuck that movie bc it busts on merlot, which is my favorite red wine) and buy because it has to be good if it costs more money. Well, hate to say it, but sometimes I fall into that with live music. The other day a friend and I were talking though, and he told me that Robert Cray played the Shed in Louisiana and the show was free, because he was intent on keeping the old feel of a southern blues show. I dont know about you, but that warms me up inside, that someone in this grey day and age still has the soul to do things like that. But in the end, and Im not just saying this, I feel guilty when I go to a show for free. We all make a living doing our shit, and then artists play their hearts out and we dont want to pay for it? hmm. dunno. thoughts? the way, shows this weekend are free for those of you that disagree. come check out the friggin rocke.

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