Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BUZZWORD in songwriting: Soul Mate

So, I listen to a fair amount of singer songwriter music, and they all do it. In one way or another, using an analogy here, a metaphor or simile hear, comparing it to the faded pair of jeans they had in the fifth grade, all these writers use the good ole subject of LOVE in, I'd say, 70% of their tunes. Some are angry, some are happy, some are longing, some are trying to just figure it out like the rest of us. But this one word I keep coming across, SOULMATE, is a pretty hefty philosophical endeavor...What does that mean? First it infers we have souls (what exactly are those? more than the nuerons firing in our brain? some kind of invisible cloud in our body?) and second it infers a predetermined connection to another human being. Makes my head hurt...but somehow after listening to some of these tunes, I start to believe. Maybe its just more romantic to believe it, or makes life seem a little better, dont know. Is this insane? Are there soulmates?

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Anonymous said...

Well as much as I'd love to believe in soul mates, i think it's BS. Or its for the very few.