Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Own the Bar...Make the Decision

I am humbled.

Last post was rad. So many great ideas, so much good feedback. Some classic ones as well (Sophia). So much so, that I thought it'd be cool to do a here it is. Monday night football is rapidly approaching, and if you've rolled Saint Rocke on a MNF, you know that its full, its packed, and it's a cool place to watch the game with a chill vibe. Thing is, I cant figure out what to do after the game. Football + live music doesn't go to me, so SR is going to take the night off of music. But I wanna do something fun that night to end the game...and here are some ideas. So here is the contest; if you come up with an idea for MNF post game that we end up using, you get free entrance to Saint Rocke through the whole football season to any show you wanna see. If you're a music junkie, thats some serious dough. So step out of your office, your home office, or off your headset, and become a bar owner for a minute. Here are some ideas, some diving boards, with which to make your creative flow jump...

1. PingPong on the stage post game. weekly tournament
2. Beer Bingo
3. Music Trivia
4. Concert Night DVD - show a concert DVD of favorite artists based on votes

Alright. Get in our heads. Whadda we do???????

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A little help from my friends...

Different type of post today. Gonna share a business question with you all...

Im sure most of you have already been to Saint Rocke a few times, and from what I gather, most people like the vibe. Good shows, good room, etc. But one thing we have that alot of people dont go for is our kitchen. We really do have some good food, and the happy hour is pretty sick by any standard ($5 for anything until 730pm), but we should be busier. Have any of you been to happy hour? did you like? what can we do to make it more alluring for people? is the deal good?

Help a brother out. Need some good critical feedback. If you guys give me some good feedback I'll hook you up with some tickets for a show if you want. Thanks all. Have a good thursday....