Monday, June 28, 2010

EUROPE or bust...on a search for music. Not Russell Brand

So Im going to Europe this week. France to be exact, mix in a little Italy if I get bored. Im going to get some inspiration. For Saint Rocke, in the gastro world, the cocktail world, and also to just plain get out of the USA for awhile. I figure I either need to validate my concerns, or go there, and come home with my mouth shut, and thankful I live in the USA (which I am, but you know...)

So first, anybody got any good info for me? Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, San Tropez...any good music connects? I want to go to some little side street in Paris, drink red wine all night, and listen to some crazy insane music that resembles carla bruni (guilty pleasure). maybe fall in love, get my heart broken by some french intellectual ideologist who wants to change the world and end hunger. and likes wines (prerequisite). Isn't Paris the city of love? what the hell does that mean anyway?

Secondly, any restaurant ideas for me? places to eat? cant miss locations? would love to know.

And lastly, San Tropez. My friends pick. I would try to make that crazy house music bass sound right now, but im writing, not talking. i have a feeling i'll be able to take this for 1 night, till 4am, and then be done with it. But like an ambitious 33yr old feeling 20, i'm gonna give it my all. :) maybe thats why i got my cholesterol levels checked last friday. anyway, bon voyage, and enjoy some good shows while im gone!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gavin Rossdale Show Just got another Fan

I have to admit. Not the biggest Bush fan initially. I tend to shy away from things that pop culture glamorizes. If you know me, you've heard of my intense ban on mac products (apple) because i dont want to fall victim to their decisive and hypnotical marketing efforts. Its not always smart, and doesn't always serve me well. But goddamnit, they won't get me!

And tonight, as I rolled down to check Gavin Rossdale of Bush's set, I was in the same mood. Uh, okay. Not a huge fan, big for Saint Rocke though. Go make an appearance, you know, talk to people get feedback etc.etc.

Holy shit. That guy is (1) super talented, (2) sounds as good live - his voice - as he does on record, and (3) is a genuinely cool guy. While I was there (not super long, as I get anxious and nervous in my venue - i start getting ocd about stupid things and cant relax) he not only played some sick tunes, but covered "landslide" acoustic, and told a story about his kid in which he alluded to Saint Rocke, and how his kid was baptized Saint Rok.

And that being said, I have to publicly display my musical affection and "cool guy" reverence for Gavin. Wow. what a show. You missed it again! He just played in front of 280 people, and in 5 months, you'll see him play in front of 50,000 people. If you haven't seen a show down here, you are missing out - the intimate vibe is the way to go.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ok then, here's a OIL test

American culture dumb? lots of feedback, lots of weed proponents saying its not the herb. Let me be clear, Im not hypocritical. Was just saying - those who are smart know how to get it, and they do. But if the tards just need to walk in the store and get it - thats what im worried about. Is it really even illegal? doesnt seem like it.

I digress.

lets see how sensitive south bay is to the world. We were asked to be a part of a 60 venue fundraiser for the Oil Spill down in the Gulf - to help raise a music fund for it. Iglu and Hartly, a solid band, is playing for the cause. Lets see how many people actually care and would listen to some good music over a beer to contribute to the cause.

And then we could be on it....Any takers?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Is American Culture Stupid?

Yes, I said it. Not the first, not the last.

Have you noticed? car commercials have a bikini on it...does that make you wanna buy a car? a television show is super famous because they follow around 21's in hollywood who argue, fight, and spend daddy's millions. Villain or no villain, Spencer is not that fun to watch, and Heidi is not that hot. Jersey Shore is perhaps the best example, and the most honest. Fuck it. Put 5 italian dudes that are steretypes, that love fucking, fighting, and working out, throw them in with 5 italian chicks that, to be honest, i can't figure out what they like, add nicknames like snooki, and "action." That little recipe made Snooki 10k per appearance in 2010. Appearance? What does she actually do?

I remember when my Dad explained famous people. They could do something no one else could, or they did it in a unique way. Sammy Davis, Jimmy Durante, Sting, MJ, etc.etc. I could go on and on. And now? what do they do? Fist Pumps.

Don't get me wrong. If I was Snookie, Id take that to the bank. the point is that there is a market for it, that WE provide. America. Gone is classic literature, original dramatic movies. Replace with books on tape and remakes of 70/80's tv shows like ATeam. Pity the fool.

What are we going to be like in 20 years? I think Im the only one around who is against legalizing weed only because it'll make our culture even more retarded than we already are.

Is anybody seeing this?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just a Great Moment....

Monday morning. Wake up. Have Coffee. Estimate damage control over the weekend - paperwork, what got broken, upcoming events. Have meetings (i hate meetings, useless most of the time). Robot work is what monday is all about. Getting caught up.

But this morn I got a treat. A friend of mine is doing some work for me, and this weekend his son played for the Hermosa Little League Championship, and he is the coach. Well, this morning, I got to hear a full-blown, play-by-play recital of the game from a father beaming with pride. He remembered every bunt, every pitch, every at bat. You could see the admiration for his son dancing in his eyes as he told me about the politics of LL baseball, the screaming parents, the haters. It was classic.

And on a certain Friday night, you would never know, but this proud Father would be jumping around on the Saint Rocke stage singing about love, drugs, peace, fighting, and everything under the sun.

And I thought to myself : what a lucky guy I am. I get to see inside the veil, the human side of these artists. The side we never usually see. It inspired me to start a series at Saint Rocke on exactly that. So Im going to delve into another new little project, and I'll let you know as it rolls.

Sound interesting?

Monday, June 7, 2010


For some of you, we didnt have your email list....if you YELPED, please copy your review, and send to AND INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL SO I CAN GET BACK TO YOU.

This is the list I have so far of the people that have tickets, and I want to keep my word...let me know.

Tyler Critelli + 1 no
Jason Weber + 1 no
Frank C + 1 x
Sean Maloney + 1 no
Rane + 1 x
Megan Williams + 1 no
Tanya Monaghan + 1 no
Judie + 1 x
Arian Barnett + 1 no
Peter + 1 x
Ashley B Lewis + 1 x
Jonathan Roberts + 1 x
Tami Ellett + 1 x
Lisa G. + 1 x
Michael Hillson + 1 x
Jim S + 1 x
Sherry + 1 x
Sheri + 1 t

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An HONEST Thank You

Everybody knows what I did. It's no secret. Fight fire with fire (which if you think about doesnt make sense, you should fight fire with water). But anyway, I hate YELP, dislike the negativity of the YELP community, and so with this private show, thought hey, why not try something out. What I thought I'd get were some unthoughtful quick replies on Yelp about Saint Rocke being cool, yah, yah,yah. But really, some of the responses you posted honestly gave me chills, and reinforced the reason I do this - to have a place where people love seeing live music, free and clear. And so thank you for those of you that made an effort to let people know that we're trying hard, and that we're in some way helping music live down here. Really Really Appreciate it. And all you that did that, rest assured, Im emptying my inbox tomorrow and you got your tickets, and we're going to party on Wednesday for sure. I personally love this band/guy, as he just imbibes what Saint Rocke is about. For those of you that don't know the play, if you REALLY ACTUALLY LIKE what we're doing at Saint Rocke, I ask that you tell the world how you feel on and I will reward your work with 2 free tix to the secret show next wednesday. And by the way, did anybody see the YELPER who freaked out at gave us 1 star because she read the blog? really? you actually missed out on a great show - but we'll all have fun for you. later.