Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gavin Rossdale Show Just got another Fan

I have to admit. Not the biggest Bush fan initially. I tend to shy away from things that pop culture glamorizes. If you know me, you've heard of my intense ban on mac products (apple) because i dont want to fall victim to their decisive and hypnotical marketing efforts. Its not always smart, and doesn't always serve me well. But goddamnit, they won't get me!

And tonight, as I rolled down to check Gavin Rossdale of Bush's set, I was in the same mood. Uh, okay. Not a huge fan, big for Saint Rocke though. Go make an appearance, you know, talk to people get feedback etc.etc.

Holy shit. That guy is (1) super talented, (2) sounds as good live - his voice - as he does on record, and (3) is a genuinely cool guy. While I was there (not super long, as I get anxious and nervous in my venue - i start getting ocd about stupid things and cant relax) he not only played some sick tunes, but covered "landslide" acoustic, and told a story about his kid in which he alluded to Saint Rocke, and how his kid was baptized Saint Rok.

And that being said, I have to publicly display my musical affection and "cool guy" reverence for Gavin. Wow. what a show. You missed it again! He just played in front of 280 people, and in 5 months, you'll see him play in front of 50,000 people. If you haven't seen a show down here, you are missing out - the intimate vibe is the way to go.


Anonymous said...

The venue is amazing. Not to take away from the performer, but rather to add to their talent. I personally think that when the artist and their stage are in sync, the performance comes through as intended and envisioned can be transcendental. It is rare and should be appreciated. SR is one of the good guys and Gavin knows this. It showed.

Anonymous said...

Great marketing my friend

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