Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ok then, here's a test...an OIL test

American culture dumb? lots of feedback, lots of weed proponents saying its not the herb. Let me be clear, Im not hypocritical. Was just saying - those who are smart know how to get it, and they do. But if the tards just need to walk in the store and get it - thats what im worried about. Is it really even illegal? doesnt seem like it.

I digress.

lets see how sensitive south bay is to the world. We were asked to be a part of a 60 venue fundraiser for the Oil Spill down in the Gulf - to help raise a music fund for it. Iglu and Hartly, a solid band, is playing for the cause. Lets see how many people actually care and would listen to some good music over a beer to contribute to the cause.

And then we could be on it....Any takers?

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