Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just a Great Moment....

Monday morning. Wake up. Have Coffee. Estimate damage control over the weekend - paperwork, what got broken, upcoming events. Have meetings (i hate meetings, useless most of the time). Robot work is what monday is all about. Getting caught up.

But this morn I got a treat. A friend of mine is doing some work for me, and this weekend his son played for the Hermosa Little League Championship, and he is the coach. Well, this morning, I got to hear a full-blown, play-by-play recital of the game from a father beaming with pride. He remembered every bunt, every pitch, every at bat. You could see the admiration for his son dancing in his eyes as he told me about the politics of LL baseball, the screaming parents, the haters. It was classic.

And on a certain Friday night, you would never know, but this proud Father would be jumping around on the Saint Rocke stage singing about love, drugs, peace, fighting, and everything under the sun.

And I thought to myself : what a lucky guy I am. I get to see inside the veil, the human side of these artists. The side we never usually see. It inspired me to start a series at Saint Rocke on exactly that. So Im going to delve into another new little project, and I'll let you know as it rolls.

Sound interesting?

1 comment:

Jim said...

If what you're saying is that you're going to bring back MTV unplugged and feature numerous punk acts from the 90's, then yes, yes it does!

If not, I bet whatever you're planning will be interesting too.