Monday, June 28, 2010

EUROPE or bust...on a search for music. Not Russell Brand

So Im going to Europe this week. France to be exact, mix in a little Italy if I get bored. Im going to get some inspiration. For Saint Rocke, in the gastro world, the cocktail world, and also to just plain get out of the USA for awhile. I figure I either need to validate my concerns, or go there, and come home with my mouth shut, and thankful I live in the USA (which I am, but you know...)

So first, anybody got any good info for me? Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, San Tropez...any good music connects? I want to go to some little side street in Paris, drink red wine all night, and listen to some crazy insane music that resembles carla bruni (guilty pleasure). maybe fall in love, get my heart broken by some french intellectual ideologist who wants to change the world and end hunger. and likes wines (prerequisite). Isn't Paris the city of love? what the hell does that mean anyway?

Secondly, any restaurant ideas for me? places to eat? cant miss locations? would love to know.

And lastly, San Tropez. My friends pick. I would try to make that crazy house music bass sound right now, but im writing, not talking. i have a feeling i'll be able to take this for 1 night, till 4am, and then be done with it. But like an ambitious 33yr old feeling 20, i'm gonna give it my all. :) maybe thats why i got my cholesterol levels checked last friday. anyway, bon voyage, and enjoy some good shows while im gone!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you find what it is your looking for