Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's that Time Again: #*$D Yelp

Well, we're back. If you don't like cuss words, close your eyes. The 2nd Annual Fuck Yelpathon is upon us. The taint of online reviews. The holy grail of whining idiots. Why do I have disdain might you ask? Well, I'll give you a great example as to the veracity of Yelp.

About 2 months ago we hosted BUSH at the Rocke, and KROQ sold the tickets. Now they didn't tell us that 50,000 people were going to try and get tickets so we didn't prepare, and the demand crashed our site. All good, things happen, get it back up and we move on. Nope.

People freaked. Apocalyptic comments were made. Death threats. Grown men crying, mothers of children swearing that Saint Rocke would fall because they didn't get their ticket to see Gavin sweat it out.  And one women, in parcticular, 'liked' us on facebook and started absolutely firing verbal missiles. Now mind you, she was from the 909 (no I'm not stereotyping), never even heard of Saint Rocke before the day, and all of a sudden she is hating on Saint Rocke, saying it's the worst venue ever.  And then, to really feel righteous, where did she turn? Yes, my friends, to the almighty equalizer....Yelp.  And here it is:

Staff is snobby and cocky. "Regulars" are snobby and cocky. I'll be going elsewhere, thanks.
So there you go. Never been here, never came here, didn't get her "I-worship-Rossdale" ticket, and so went to talk shit. And that my friends, is why I hate the sight. In a day where small businesses are the only thing keeping our economy alive, and where entrepreneurs are trying their damndest to make it work, people like that come on with non-constructive mud slinging that does nobody any good.
So, every year I like to hold my Fuck Yelp-Athon (again, excuse the French) and I ask people who TRULY LIKE (don't lie) Saint Rocke, to post your positive thoughts and comments about Saint Rocke, because the good times never get realized.  If you do, I'll hook you up with two tickets to a show of your choice. Copy your review, and send it to and you'll get a reply back with some tix. And as they say, werhd.