Monday, June 21, 2010

Is American Culture Stupid?

Yes, I said it. Not the first, not the last.

Have you noticed? car commercials have a bikini on it...does that make you wanna buy a car? a television show is super famous because they follow around 21's in hollywood who argue, fight, and spend daddy's millions. Villain or no villain, Spencer is not that fun to watch, and Heidi is not that hot. Jersey Shore is perhaps the best example, and the most honest. Fuck it. Put 5 italian dudes that are steretypes, that love fucking, fighting, and working out, throw them in with 5 italian chicks that, to be honest, i can't figure out what they like, add nicknames like snooki, and "action." That little recipe made Snooki 10k per appearance in 2010. Appearance? What does she actually do?

I remember when my Dad explained famous people. They could do something no one else could, or they did it in a unique way. Sammy Davis, Jimmy Durante, Sting, MJ, etc.etc. I could go on and on. And now? what do they do? Fist Pumps.

Don't get me wrong. If I was Snookie, Id take that to the bank. the point is that there is a market for it, that WE provide. America. Gone is classic literature, original dramatic movies. Replace with books on tape and remakes of 70/80's tv shows like ATeam. Pity the fool.

What are we going to be like in 20 years? I think Im the only one around who is against legalizing weed only because it'll make our culture even more retarded than we already are.

Is anybody seeing this?


TillyTally84 said...

I hear ya! It makes me question why I'm in the entertainment industry. I'm a horrible person for contributing.

John MacLean said...

agreed, but blame alcohol - not the herb!

Nicola said...

Pop culture is definitely ridiculous...I wouldn't necessarily blame the weed though. We are all now so caught up in celebrity journalism that we easily buy into what we are told is celebrity...TMZ, US Weekly, MTV, Perez.

The greatest sporting event in the world is on and half of LA would rather talk about Heidi or the Real Housewives reunion. Doesn't exactly make you want to chant...USA! USA!

Anonymous said...

American Culture certainly has gone down the drain....but make no mistake about it...weed expands the mind bro...just take a listen to Bob Marley's revolutionary sound. Spiritual as can be and he intellectually found his lyrical purpose with the ganja!

I have met plenty of straight people who are ridiculously stupid and don't have a clue. It's not the drug that makes you's the brainless advertising of our capitalistic society.

- Omar Alexander

Jim said...

I recently read an interesting article in Newsweek about this very thing.

Celebrity culture doesn't interest me (unless someone's unintentionally showing something off - heeeey-oooh!), but the take on what defines entertainment does.

I think a similar case could be made (albeit by a smarter person than myself) for the degradation of entertainment as I've seen linguists make when they discuss the supposed downfall of language - omg lol, etc.

Evolution is not necessarily a bad thing. The past was not necessarily better.

Anonymous said...

I found this interview by Jerry Seinfeld to be very interesting on this topic, given his stature...

So is it simply a fad or a future way of life?

As for the legalization, we know that you didn't mean to say weed is to blame but that if weed is to be legal then where will we be in 20 years, back to the 60s w/ LSD & PCP, except this time with more advanced capabilities and controls over the highs!