Monday, June 7, 2010


For some of you, we didnt have your email list....if you YELPED, please copy your review, and send to AND INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL SO I CAN GET BACK TO YOU.

This is the list I have so far of the people that have tickets, and I want to keep my word...let me know.

Tyler Critelli + 1 no
Jason Weber + 1 no
Frank C + 1 x
Sean Maloney + 1 no
Rane + 1 x
Megan Williams + 1 no
Tanya Monaghan + 1 no
Judie + 1 x
Arian Barnett + 1 no
Peter + 1 x
Ashley B Lewis + 1 x
Jonathan Roberts + 1 x
Tami Ellett + 1 x
Lisa G. + 1 x
Michael Hillson + 1 x
Jim S + 1 x
Sherry + 1 x
Sheri + 1 t


Fred said...

email and copy of my review has been sent!!

Sheri P said...

Email and copy of yelp review sent, thank you so much

deadend40 said...

I sent copy of yelp review. thanks

deadend40 said...

btw. my email is thanx

Anonymous said...



2nd Street Dave said...

Sent a copy of my yelp review to Analog Man. My email is Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi...This is Judie. I see I'm on the list, but I got nothing in my email. My email is
Thank you... Will I still get in without an email confirm?

Nicola said...

What an amazing show! Thanks for bringing it yet again!