Monday, September 28, 2009

I finally figured out Monday Night Football

I finally figured this perplexing puzzle out. Monday night football. Its on about the football, or the game...its about the fact that its Monday, and monday kinda sucks (usually bad news at work is doled out on Monday), and so people want to hang out Monday night, but they feel bad, and this game gives them a defendable reason. By the way, I know football lovers just like the game so I'm not talking about them. Im talking about the groups of 30somethings (men and women) at Saint Rocke for the game last week, but nobody really caring/paying attention to the game. I loved it. Background white noise. And secondly, all the bars & restaurants are caught up competing for that Monday business that they offer ridiculous specials (exactly like $1 beers & sliders) to showcase their place. But the football? Nope. secondary. I'd even bet that most of the people out on Monday watching the football (Sharks cove exception) dont really even watch much football. Agree?

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