Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, for my first time ever, I decided on Sunday to go to the Concert Series in Hermosa Beach. Rebelution, solid up and coming band, whose management company I know pretty well, was playing, and I thought, hmm, mellow day, listen to some tunes at Sunset, cool. So we got there early, got a good spot, and aside from sound sound snafus, it started pretty good. But somewhere along the line I didnt get the memo that the highschools sent out inviting every kid in town down there. And Im even cool with that. But parents, please teach your kids 3 things...
1. clean up after yourselves. the beach was a friggin mess at the end of the concert. unacceptable, especially if youve grown up here, and have any pride in keeping it nice.
2. when people set up their blankets and shit, that sand is tapped. it doesnt mean that you walk all over it, push your crews inside of it, and ruin the older folks good times down there.
3. leave your dogs at home. no place for little dogs - its not even cool for the dogs sake.

I guess its true. Im getting older.
Band was solid though. they should play Saint Rocke.


Anonymous said...

Rebelution is a great band, however, they do bring an younger crowd. And unfortunately, this group feels a sense of entitlement and have a lack of respect for those around them. I think it is something they learn from home. it's sad.

Anonymous said...

Rebelution should play St. Rocke, but only if it doesn't bring that crowd. Manners don't have anything to do with getting old. I don't think many people of any age were displaying manners that night.
Good job using 10-yr old boys to pass out your flyers last weekend, btw. Who's going to say no to them? :)