Monday, July 13, 2009

Three Albums on a Desert Island

Bob Marley - Uprising (for the daytime to keep it mellow). definitely not legend though.
Frank Sinatra - Greatest (for cocktail hour, i would find some kind of alcoholic berry to ferment)
hhhhhmmmmmmm. cant decide on a third right now.
i want to hear what other people say.


redondo_beach_dude said...

Miles Davis, Kind of Blue.
Late at night, stoli martinis at closing time.

Anonymous said...

Nice forum bro. Are you writing all of these blogs or do you have someone working on this. Lee??? Macias??? Either way, well done.

If I were stuck on an island forever and could listen to three albums, I would have to go with three live albums just to make me feel like I had company around.

The first two albums would be "Babylon by Bus" and "Without a Net." I shouldn't have to explain hanging on a island and listening to Bob Marley or the Grateful Dead, but I will. After harvesting my crops upon which I now live off of, what better of a way to enjoy the island sunset with a mild rumination of "concrete jungle" and "stir it up." As we all know, with every high there is a ever forbidden low that must follow. Hopefully, this album will assist to "lively up yourself" and get you "jammin" once again.

The Grateful Dead's music is timeless, and life on an island will encompass all these values. No worries about tomorrow, no feeling blue about the past. Just the present coconut dreams and palm fraum shade. Lost as lost can be and happier than pigs in shit, Jerry will be quite helpful here.

The final album will be "Pulse" from Pink Floyd. The inland life will definitely possess some crazy sights and mind expanding moments. A little recollection of society's downfalls and dark sides will bring a suave smile to my face and allow a deeper appreciation of my perfect island isolation.