Monday, July 20, 2009

How long should a band really play for?

Lets face it..I couldnt listen to Bob Marley, well actually, I could, so lets say Dave Matthews, inside of Saint Rocke for more than 2 hours. But I'd also feel jipped if I got only 30 minutes in. So that begs the question - what is the perfect amount of time for a band to play? For the band, they want you to want more after they are off stage. Its good old econ 101. Give them more than they want and they won't want anymore. Give them too little and they won't fall in love with it. So I ask, how long is the PERFECT SET? Im apt to say 60 minutes, with an encore only if the fans want it....nothing worse than encores with nobody clapping. It makes me nervous, like movies where they get laughs out of making fun of people. Agh. Hate that nervousness.

Whats your call?

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