Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aftermath of the Shows

A week to remember. Fuuuuuuuuuuu$%k. I try not to use bad words on this, but there is no better descriptive expletive that can better illustrate how I feel. First, NOFX. It's funny, I get so excited to make things happen, to get the streaming going, to surround Saint Rocke with people that can get things done, to deliver a product, that by the time comes, uh, too tired to enjoy. So I sat through NOFX with my eyes half open, but all the while amazed at their show. I truly don't understand how guys that party that hard are able to play music for 20 years, and are able to sound musically tight. Thats why they are then I go home to sleep for 3 hours, because Cypress Hill and KROQ are loading in at midnight right after the show. By the time I get back to the Rocke, there is, NO JOKE, a line from Saint Rocke to nearly the Land Rover dealership on 1st street; at 430am. What??? Could not believe my eyes. Just so you all know, it takes a good 30 people working super hard for 4-5 hours in the morning to put this show on. An army. Sound Army. Kevin & Bean were super entertaining - but Cypress BLEW DOORS. absolutely blew doors. Insane in the Membrane followed by Rockstar. Now I now why people stay up and wait in line. All done now, but still enjoying the aftermath...TMZ called wanting to know more, we got calls from some agents with some more huge acts (one of which if books, oh lord), and word is getting out that Saint Rocke is growing a music garden down in the South Bay. So word to all the people that go to the Rocke - and to keep the cliche fresh, Rocke ON. Lastly, nice to meet alot of you through these shows - great to put a face to a name/email. Keep checking in, many more secret shows to come.


Jim said...

I was lucky enough to get to NOFX/AZip and I can't say it enough: You guys rule.

Both shows were amazing. Seeing NOFX in a venue that size is simply mind boggling. Finally getting to see Authority Zero, and the insane amount of energy they bring to a crowd that size is so impressive.

I'm also continually impressed with the quality of service your staff provides. Drinks were always full, food was speedy... just an all around good experience.

Viva punk.

Anonymous said...

the sound in the rocke is amazing!!! one of (if not) the best small venues in LA!

Alison Cole said...

SAINT ROCKE is amazing and i cant wait for next weekend!


i cant imagine my life WITHOUT music and you help by bringing it to me LIVE!

keep going! coffee coffee coffee!

2nd Street Dave said...

Went to both NOFX and Cypress Hill.
Unbelievable. Feeling pretty lucky and thankful to have this venue here in the south bay. Friends and I have been eating there lately and we love it. The IPA on tap is excellent. Saint Rocke really is a great place and we just got tix for
Toots and The Maytals so we are looking forward to going back. Definitely keeping an eye on this site and blog for future gigs. Thanks again

DJ EARL-E said...

Glad y'all are getting some nice hip-hop in the spot. I've already seen some great reggae shows and lookin forward to Toots!