Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Winna Winna Chicken Dinna

Okay, so winners round 1. These were the first to post on the blog....if they dont go, we pick more people. They have 48 hours to respond. also, we are giving away 2 tix per day on Twitter so check us out over there if you didn't win in this round....for those below, email me to confirm.

Delight Sherry
Gregory Gerily
Holderman Evan
Lange Jani
Handzlik Craig
Sikola Jason
Carter Cedar
Weems Lindsey
Sikola Jason
Cressman Jordan
Fisher Erin
Lewis Ashley
Barnett Arian
Heath Jessica
ValCarcel Meredith
McCown Jackie
Grey Tim
Addante Brianna

Got a few more - will give out end of week.
Thanks for supporting music. Thanks for supporting the ROCKE.
and by the way, another tidbit. tuesday morning - BIG band following up NOFX. cant announce till 4/16.


Anonymous said...

why is jason sikola on there twice?

The Analog Man said...

mistake. he got 2

Alison Cole said...

hey! i was 3rd! what gives?

Erin said...

I was number 4 post to the blog..my name is Erin but not Erin Lewis?? Mix up maybe? Do I get tickets? Pleeeeeeeeze :) Thnx!

Jessika said...

Woo Hoo! I'll be there, Jessica Heath !

rane said...

I was # 15 :(

brianc955 said...

Hi there, I know you are getting hit up left and right but I was in the first 15 as well (#14 at 3:57 - Brian) on the initial post and would love to get a couple tix to the show if possible. Otherwise, guess I'll just take my chances on facebook/twitter. Thanks for the understanding. brianc955@gmail.com

Alex said...

i was the 13th person to respond,how come i am not on that list? alexdeb08@gmail.com

Jessika said...

You needed to email, not comment on the blog, you could have been in the first 15 comments but you have no idea how many people emailed before you !

brianc955 said...

ok, cool. Must've misunderstood.

Anonymous said...


erin fisher said...

Great job Allen! Had super fun and you are certainly going down in history :) Lovin the Rocke xo

Anonymous said...

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