Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who wins...the Turtle or the Hare?

A friend of mine was telling me about this girl he met, and he described her like a turtle (I actually just thought M&M as I was writing this) : she is very hard to get to know (shell) , but says she has a soft side (get it now?). He says he is just trying to get to know her, and that he thinks one day, like a turtle, she will reveal herself, or "come out of her shell". (I need to stop it with these cliches)...anyway, I asked, what if she never comes out? Then you spent a bunch of time waiting and coaxing for not...and to which he replied, ' I guess thats why they say the turtle always wins'.

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Anonymous said...

I've dated the guy that was the 'turtle,' that had a wall up and kept his heart covered. He warned me ahead of time, but I had to try.
I lost in the end. But it was worth it.

In matters of love, you have to try.