Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TRIBUTE BANDS - super fun or bad taste?

So, I've been getting hit up by arch rival groups lately about the same thing...the same issue...and its got me puzzled. If you know me, I'm not very 50/50 on anything; I have an opinion (usually not right), but regardless, I have one, and I'm vocal about it. BUT, here, Im experiencing a real life, bonafide, cant-figure-it-out crux. a quagmire if you will.... SHOULD I HAVE TRIBUTE ACTS AT SAINT ROCKE?
One side : No way. To be a real music venue, you cannot have those bands, as they do not promote and culture the development of music. They capitalize on music already written, without paying royalties, and they don't add to the creative soup of the music world. (fans : bookers, agents, music aficionados).
Other side : Dude, relax. Stop taking yourself so seriously (since when did musicians become so serious anyway?). Music is music, and come Friday evening, after I've been slaving for the man all week long, I want to have a beer (or two) and listen to some good ass live music, and yes, I wanna hear some music I know and love, not some twenty something crying about the man & the state of the world in a song i've never heard, and wont remember for 20 seconds. I wanna hear some Sublime, some Cash, some Dave Matthews. and these guys are freaking good - so cut em some slack.

See what I mean? they both have a point. Thoughts? (and by the way, funny i bring this up now - Superdiamond playing this weekend, and they dominate).


Speedy said...

Until music one day becomes free and cds or itunes songs no longer pay bands big bucks, it will be difficult to book high quality artists on a regular basis. However, the time is near where even big bands will be scratching for a few extra bones in this economic turmoil of ours. A few fillers now and then never hurts. How about setting a basis for only allowing cover bands that represent deceased artists or bands that lost their mojo long ago. Sublime was sick... Dave Matthews average... When is Elvis playing?

Mike Bara said...

Dude, yes! They Rocke! That U2 band for St. Pats was awesome!

Is the place packed? Do the people have a good time? Do you make money? Yes? Then STFU and book the tribute bands!

Jim said...

I suppose I have a slightly different take on cover bands than Mike. I'm all for 'em, except for "big events".

If I'm going to commit to a single venue for NYE, I want to see a name. Nothing against Stepping Feet - I'm sure they're great fun - but I want to see the Aggrolites. I want to see B-Side. I want Guttermouth to welcome me into the new year with a song about a donkey, down in Mexico.

St. Patty's - give me The Briggs.

Halloween - costumes and horror punk? Yes please.

My exception: Johnny's birthday. Book Cashed Out.

Mike said...

Say no to covers... I actually play in a band and on the side we play these gigs. They make us good money and they are kind of fun.

However, we would much rather get paid to play the music we create as a band. If more places only had original bands a scene may develop in the South Bay. Whether it's surf rock, reggae, punk, indie, or jazz, their is an opportunity for clubs to have an impact on the local music scene. What CBGB's did for punk in NY, Saint Rocke could do for any kind music in the South Bay.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Mike. There is an over-saturation of tributes and cover bands throughout the Southbay. Tributes are sometimes easier money, but it is completely hollow artistically.
Saint Rocke preserves more integrity by sticking with more original talent. Easily the top spot for that in the South bay.

deadheadland said...

depends on the band/genre.

I'd hate to see you close your door to tributes, there are some good ones and they serve a purpose, keeping music alive. personally, I prefer interpretations and variations rather than imitations

on the other hand, I would hate to see you ever give up live original new music.

Long live Rocke!

W said...

Get paid to play your original music? That hasn't happened since the early 80's. Then the clubs screwed it all up by turning over the marketing and ticket sales to the musicians. We all know what happened next was that a slew of untalented acts were "buying" headline positions on weekends at venues that would have laughed them off the stage on weeknights. Therefore the thought of going to a good venue and always catching a good act that had paid their dues through working up to a good slot on a weekend was taken away and it was a crapshoot and the venues didn't care that they were empty because their revenue was provided by the bands. The "scene" was no more. Talent has left the building. Until the old process of paying your dues and developing a following returns...all I have to offer is good luck.
On the topic of Tribute bands, yes. There are a bunch of very talented artists who pay tribute to some very good bands that you will never see in the smaller venues. Ticket prices at the large venues have become ridiculously outrageous so enjoying your favorite songs live has become sparse. Thank you corporate america, you suck. Fortunately these tribute bands can give us a taste now and again. Not all of them are worthy tributes and should have to pay their dues, hone their skills and progress as musicians and entertainers...on monday nights or backyard parties but quite a few are worthy for premium slots. Damage Inc. and The Iron Maidens are highly recommended and have dedicated followers. On an original band suggestion Purple Melon. Thanks for letting me rant =}]~

Anonymous said...

I thought Brixton had booked all the available cover bands...

Seriously though, I actually much prefer the cover bands like Knights and The M-80's because I know what I'm getting. Music that's good.

So don't hesitate to bring in a cover band or two. In the end, it's more variety, and who doesn't like variety?

Anonymous said...

Go see Pink Froyd in San Diego