Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brand New Day

Just one of those days. Got to surf manhattan this morning, but the payback is that its 1245am, and I'm still working. And its all soooo important! yeah, right. you ever laugh at yourself as the anxiety is settling in, the nervous energy brewing, and you laugh because in the perenial bigger picture its really not that important. After all, I have a restaurant/bar and a venue...I wonder what Obama is doing right now. I bet he takes the blue ones every time. But alas, the work continues, and we confirm new artists, and we develop new stuff, and it can be fun. But the other day i was at Tyrone & Mark's show (Tyrone Wells on Sunday), on Sunday when I usually dont work, because I went to film them. And it was fun. I got lost in the music for awhile (see the clips at the end of this blog). And at the end of the show, after a great performance, Tyrone was outside talking to fans and signing autographs like a true fan-thankful artist; not too cool for school, no give-me-my-post-show-rider-pizza-and-hot-tea, no pay-me-im-out...instead, he was genuinely interested in the people that had driven miles just to see him play. And as I walked away, humble, I smiled. Music is alive.

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