Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What is YOUR soundtrack? I'll tell you mine....

SUMMER 1994.

Call John Welbourn, our big neighbor (who ultimately played in the NFL) to help us collect money for the keg we bought with my brothers fake ID. By the way, claim to fame, I once wrestled John to the ground...so by deduction, I am stronger than an NFL player (yes, I know, faulty logic.). Checklist: Miller Ice Keg, Jack Daniels Country Cocktails, Zima, about 200 people coming, $2 at the door, and the best band around playing at 9pm. Solid bar night, right? Wrong. Highschool. I'm 17. House party. All illegal, all risky, all shit that we had no idea about. All we knew is that (1) alcohol was a new found glory, (2) there was a slight chance I would get to kiss the Chadwick private school girl that I invited, and (3) there was going to be music played that would sink & dissolve itself into my mind like ice cubes in my scotch. That night World Tribe played until the cops came and broke the party up; I learned the lesson of not inviting 2 girls to the same party, and 200 people heard music that they would remember for 20 years.

Everybody has a song, or a band, that sends nostalgia running down their back, reminding them of their first beer, first trip to second base, or a time they promised someone friends forever. And although I hear hundreds if not thousands of songs a year, and look at countless artists, there is reserved space in my heart & brain for certain songs, that to this day still evoke certain endorphin triggers, the way a sunset or picture might.
For me, that band was World Tribe. And so coming full circle, I smile when I think that this New Years, that same band that played the highschool party I speak of above, will be playing Saint Rocke to a sold out crowd on a 2 night stand. FINALLY. For one night, I can be a fan again, and just enjoy some music. No management or artists, no difficult riders, just good vibes. And although I own the venue, and it's business and this & that, for one night I can be that 16 yr old kid again, close my eyes, and remember.

This blog is not for promotion, so Im not going to get into promoting the night, talking about the date, etc. If you like the band, you'll come, and if you grew up where I'm from, I know you'll be there. You can't not be there. People will be flying in from around the country to see this.  But for those of you that don't know, I want to remind you of the moment. Stop. Think. Think back to when life wasn't about responsibility, iphones, and schedules, but was more about figuring out what you were going to say the next time that person you liked walked by. Or what you were going to wear to Homecoming (I wore nothing. I streaked the football game with 3000 people watching, and asked my girlfriend to the prom). And then think of the soundtrack thats playing while you recount this memory. I want to know what songs they are...so hopefully you'll all share your nostalgia soundtrack, and maybe we'll even make a mixed cassette tape out of 'em.

Have a good week.


Anonymous said...

OK... so after reading your post I have but one burning question... Where the hell were your parents buddy? Let's see- being 17 + booze + 200 other young kids (some driving) - YOUR PARENTS = recipe for disaster young man! I think it more appropriate that your soundtrack be Just Got Lucky by Dokken.

The Analog Man said...

Anonymous - not sure if you're aware, but calling grown men "buddy" is pretty condescending. Regardless, good question. My parents were there, very focused on raising me, and could not have been better parents. And as a teen, we did things that we shouldn't have, and I think thats par for the course. The difference was that I was raised with core values, and so no, there was no driving, and although we did some things and experimented, we did so safely (or so i think). I like the Dokken reference though! And by the way, you never did anything wrong as a teen? Really?!?! Does everyone believe that?

Chad Blue said...

Hey man, who do I talk to. I use to enjoy catching the shows I missed in person on Justin tv. Now Justing tv tells me u don't allow others to view their archives. I was trying to catch a few of the recent shows I missed and now cant watch any of them. What's up?

Thanks man


John Welbourn said...

Not sure I remember you wrestling me to the ground, but it makes for a good story. But I do remember the party.