Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Apple Addiction (iphones)

I need to understand. Because I know I'm not that boring. I realize that sometimes I might not be witty, or that I might not be up on the current news, but lately my presence at dinner & lunch with friends has been overshadowed by this pushy, interrupting character....the iphone.

So tell me, WTF? why is it that I go to sushi with friends, and three minutes later everyone is on their iphone playing "words with friends", the newest incarnation of Chuck Woolery. And when we're headed to eat, what ever happened to just trying something new, or finding your way there by taking a few sightseeing turns? Is the quickest path always the best?

And holy shit...geotrackers? You guys realize what the Man is doing to you? George Orwell 1984 is actually coming true (if you don't know that reference, go back to 7th grade). Knowing where I am all the time? The only thing that can accomplish in my life is getting me in trouble.

The most oxymoronic part? That this very contraption that I'm screaming bloody murder about on a social level, is actually a godsend on the business tip. Live, up-to-date info on who's playing? set times? watching the show? tracking where people are? A venue dream.

So which wins? business or personal?
Im torn.


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