Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why is the last day of vacation never that Good?

You know what sucks? That my 10 day vacations are always 9, my 7 day vacations are always 6, and my 3 day weekends are always 2 and change. I went to Catalina this weekend on a boat with friends to celebrate a friend getting married, and sure enough, Sunday morning creeps in, and all of a sudden I'm thinking about Monday, work, what I missed, what I have to do. Technically, that Sunday was 33% of my vacation, a third, and I spent it preparing my head, getting rid of the hangover, and planning for Monday. Does this happen in other professions? Do you cut your getaways short as well in the inevitable return to the grind?

It's bad enough in the bar business that i have a love affair nightly with my businesses. If they do well, and treat me well, I'm in love. Greatest line of work ever. If we have a bad night, and the band doesn't draw or we are high on labor, I loathe the existence of the places. My most torrid affair is with Saint Rocke, where the bands play a larger part in our overall success as a business. And every morning when I look at my email report, I either cringe or rejoice. So going on vacation is like withdrawing from an addiction - turning that phone is a tough thing to do.

What I propose is that we institute a post-vacation acclimation day. It should be a rule that after a vacation, we are allowed 1 day to "get back into the swing of things." Because let's be real, who is really productive and on their game the day after? As hard as you try, I find myself going through the motions despite my effort.
I've also tried the come-home-a-day-early solution, but then I realized that was even more of a surrender.

So, I ask, whats your solution?


Anonymous said...

While you're coming back trying to get your head Straight, the world is still Turning You think people are gonna take a break and wait till YOUR Ready?? You think Starving Children are gonna take a break and Wait for YOU??
You've got the Life Man! Amazing Buisnesses, Amazing Staff, Different Girl Every Other Night and Friends that Invite You out to Their functions
Not Really Understanding what YOU have to Complain about!!!!
Have Fun when you're out, Turn Phone OFF and the Day you come back, Slowly get into the work of things Theres no point getting yourself all worked up, your just spoiling the Fun

Anonymous said...

rich people problems. lol