Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Energy of a Crowd is Breathtaking...

Another year of the Summer Concert Series, and another summer creeping to an end. Hard to believe we're in the second half of 2012, and even harder to believe that the hard work & creativity that has gone into the Hermosa Beach Summer Concerts has come to an end. On Sunday, we will be hosting the Aggrolites & Common Sense on the closing date of the series, behind last week's Spazmatics show that boasted record attendance of over 8,000 people. We have developed a very scientific method (sarcastic) of counting crowds, and the pinnacle achievement is when the swing set on 9th street is engulfed in families and friends having a good time. Last week around 7:15pm I walked down that way, and there was no swingset to be seen. Mission accomplished.

It's one thing to put on a successful concert, and another thing to bring 8,000 people onto the beach to share in communal event. But the part that brings a smile to my otherwise level face is when I feel the energy that the crowd has.  Children. Grandparents. Thirty somethings. There isn't a demographic that isn't represented in this crowd, and there isn't a time that I don't see people hugging, dancing, and getting along.  No need for fences, security, wristbands, and crowd control. The reason why? Respect.  We all respect our beach, our town, and our community. 

Well done Hermosa Beach. You should be proud of yourselves.