Monday, December 9, 2013


We've heard it so often: people in this town rarely make plans or RSVP anymore. Why? Because there's too much awesome stuff going on at any given time, that no one can commit in advance. It would appear that everyone in southern California suffers from a medical condition jeopardizing social lives across the board: FOMO. ('Fear of Missing Out', to the layperson.) This disease has been prominent in most Los Angeles cities for years, and has recently began impacting the safety of our beloved South Bay bubble. FOMO is estimated to be most rampant during the holiday season, especially on the biggest night of the year: New Years Eve. NYE FOMO is the worst kind there is. (It's actually proven to be fatal in some subsections of Malibu.) The stress of choosing ONE PARTY, when there are SO MANY OPTIONS, can bring upon fits of anxiety that no normal human being can withstand. 

After years of research and development, Saint Rocke possesses the only known cure for NYE FOMO. The prescription? A bitchin' New Years Eve Show with The English Beat.(Dave Wakeling in all his glory: Hit. After hit. After hit.) High-energy live music and a super-fun dance party. Sound perfect? Wait. There's more. The added bonus of this particular NYE show? Each ticket includes OPEN BARThat's one price for the whole night, Charlie. No worrying about racking up a huge tab and spending January's rent money on booze. (Been there. Drank that.) Go ahead and grab a round for 10 of your closest friends. See a cutie at the bar? Send over a top-shelf, without doing the math in your head. You want VIP options, too? Hang-sies with the band? Done and done, my good friend. Because nothing beats NYE FOMO like knowing you're at the coolest show in town.

"Join us in the fight against FOMO"

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