Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life. Try it Out. Stop being a $&*($#...

13 months, 6 days, 2nd hour.

That's how long I've been writing this blog. I was going to count the number of words I've written, but that might be overcooking the meat. I'm a personal guy by nature, and for those that know me, it's almost laughable that I've started this blog. As it was conceived, I thought it'd be a great business marketing machine - give the venue a face, personalize it, and provide a glimpse into the other side of Oz, behind the lights and curtains. But as I've continued to illustrate my experiences in this digital journal, I've begun to move towards personal issues rather than venue issues, unknowingly and without motivation. I guess I'm a reader of my own blog, as well as the author.

The single most memorable life moments I've had is connecting real life with the words - meeting people that read this, hearing their feedback, hearing their comments, and knowing that we are pretty much all in this together.  I'm humble enough to know that my path has been walked on, but idealistic enough to realize that my footprints are unique. And I've grown to enjoy sharing my thoughts - partly because there are no faces to disapprove of them, and partly because I find it rare that honesty without filter finds it's way into the world.

So this post, I'm turning it around. I'd love for anyone who wants to try it out - to write me a post, and I'll put it up. Think about it - you can be anonymous if you'd like - and throw out an idea you have of the world, of music, of love - and see if people feel you. Whether you're a dentist in San Fran, a lawyer in Newport, or a bartender in Vegas, you all have those secret ideas that you keep within the vault. Here's your chance to let them out...without any social consequence. Trust me, it's a social experiment, and it's fun.

I had dinner a few weeks ago with someone, and I told her that I go out to dinner pretty often by myself, to restaurants, and bring the newspaper, and I love it. I love it. And for the first five minutes, she made fun of the fact that I did that, and that she would feel like a loser. But by the end, she was determined to try it (did you?). I have a tattoo. Only reason I got one is that I always told myself I would never get one. Make sense?

I challenge you to act outside of your confines today. or tomorrow. or the next day. And here is an easy opportunity. You can either post below this, or if you want to post officially, send to my email at

And I promise, I don't judge.


Anonymous said...

I used your 8-ball widget.

Anonymous said...

I stuck a set of large inanimate objects up my butt last night, partly because growing up, I never thought I would...and partly because of the frustration I felt over the state of congressional polarization that now exists after the recent elections. I found that I'm able to keester an entire can of folgers instant coffee. I also put a blueberry bagel and a "Mork and Mindy" child's lunchbox up there before getting tired and eventually falling asleep.

I now find myself full of relentless self regret. While I thank you for inspiring me to think outside of my self imposed constraints, I now have proctology bill that will take months to pay off. I find you partially responsible for my predicament since your blog was so persuasive. An invoice will be sent shortly.

The Analog Man said...

Wow, Im going to break a rule and judge whoever wrote that. You are an odd bird. I know there is supposed to be some sort of satirical & cynical message there, but (no pun) you lost me on sentence one....well done.

Anonymous said...

awwww man...