Monday, October 29, 2012

My Big Break?

Saturday I filmed my first commercial. It was a viral video for IROCKE (, and believe me, it's going to be radical. It was my first experience with a green screen and we filmed for almost 7 hours. My character was a crazy raver girl with blue hair and a Hello Kitty beanie. I said a lot of brilliant things, but the best line: "put some bass in my face."

I was a natural.

I'm super stoked to see this final project. There's a celeb cameo and some sweet dance moves involved. What's not to love? But I'm more excited about what IROCKE is going to do for the music industry. If you haven't heard about it, you will. The concept is pretty fucking amazing. It's one website where you can see any live show in the entire world. You can search different genres of music and get alerts for when your favorite artists are about to go on stage. One click and then "Bam" you're right there. Watching. Lingering. Lurking. Raging. As if you were front row at the show.

It's probably going to change the world. Waaaaait for it.

Seriously though, If I were you, I'd get my autograph while you still can. Once this commercial thing goes big-time, I might be too "Hollywood" to hang at the Saint Rocke shows anymore. But for now, I'll be around. If you want to reach me this weekend, on Saturday, I'll be stalking ROME.



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