Monday, June 22, 2009


So we were hanging out talking about the last post with some friends, and we realized everyone has DEALBREAKERS...things about the dating game that make a potential mate a not-potential mate immediately. Would love to hear if we're crazy, but some of my examples are : driving a yellow bug with a sunflower sticker on the back, painting portraits on long acrylic finger nails, etc. A friend of mine (lady) said...dealbreakers for guys....asking for money on first date, honking to pick you up instead of walking to the front door...and well, i'll let you guys fill some in...what are your dealbreakers? do you have certain dealbreakers inside of bars?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Who doesn't?

So, some of my dealbreakers for guys? Apple Martinis. Sneakers with jeans. Bad tippers. sloppy kissers. frosted tips. elastic waistband trunks. Ed Hardy anything. PT cruisers. AND cats.

Just to name a few.

Allen said...

sneakers with jeans..right on. that oregon style, like running shoes. same on me. and i hope you've never encountered a guy that wears elastic waistbands...thats amazing.

Anonymous said...

Or worse, boardshorts with underwear. come on guys, it's not necessary. We like when your shorts hang so we can get a little sneak peak.
To add a few more, Teva's, man jewelry, skinny jeans, meat heads, tight shirts, freeloaders, wandering eyes and anyone too serious.

Is that too many? Is there a point where you disqualify everyone from the dating pool?

redondo_beach_dude said...

Sneakers with jeans ok during the day, just not at night, right?... Too much makeup, never, NEVER pulls her wallet out. And my personal (dis)favorite, she owns a dirty car, messy inside. That's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Major Dealbreaker: Guys that don't acknowledge my dog. I don't care if you're not a dog person, pretend. Cause if he doesn't like you, you have absolutely no chance.

Anonymous said...

ummm.... definitely agree with sneakers and jeans... or when guys wear crocks!!! When i'm out at a bar, i hate when guys sneak attack me from behind!!! Sometimes i have guys dancing behind me like their dancing with me, how bout asking playa!!!!