Saturday, June 13, 2009

Would you watch our shows online?

Im thinking about posting our shows in high-def online for our Saint Rocke community to see. Do you think that they would be interesting, ie. should we develop this or do you think its not worth it?

By the way, thanks to Scott, PK and then boys for the show last night (UL). They f'ing rocked it; I have to say, thats the best show I've seen at Saint Rocke in awhile. Super cool dudes too. Which brings me to my other question...

on shows, are people interested in hanging out in the green room with bands? is that something that would interest a showgoer?

Hope everyone is well and rocking.
Ran the mudrun in camp pendleton today. pretty fun.


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Brian Chinn said...

Hey AJ,

In my opinion it would come down to production value of the video. If you just shoot from a static camera (albiet it high-def) pointed at the stage I might check it out for a bit but wouldn't stick around for an entire set. Remember, your dealing with people online who suffer from extreme ADHD. Any break in "action" and I'm moving on to the next thing. Actually being there, feeling the energy of the band, the crowd and friends would be hard to replicate with that type of recording...imho.

I don't know how much traffic you get to your site but if 30 people view some portion of the show would you concider that a success for the cost and effort involved?

I would spend more time and effort creating higher quality video shorts highlighting the talent of the week and showing more about what your venue truely has to offer. Those can then also be used as marketing collateral that you can then seed across various social platforms every week, possibly getting more people through the door(It's all about ROI right)? Find a talented intern whos studying video production, give him a camera, set up a fixed camera and put him to use editing something thats exciting!

Just my thoughts...