Monday, June 8, 2009

Filming for a Pilot for Reality this weekend

This weekend we're filming both Friday and Saturday at Saint Rocke and around Hermosa for a pilot reality series. Im a little hesitant to do a reality series on Saint Rocke, but the fact that we can spread what we're doing nationally, along with the fact that TV up until now has put the southern california beach lifestyle in a terrible light (who really lives like OC or Baywatch?) makes me want to show what beach living in the south bay is really about.


Anonymous said...


Kona said...

AJ, Don't do it. America wouldn't really take kindly to the sleepy beach cities unless you sexed it up or trashed it down (like the Real Housewives series has done). We're Oh for 1 with reality series (Remember Todd-TV?). Lets keep it that way.

Brian Gustavson

Allen said...

oh yes, remember todd tv. but where is todd from? pennsylvania or wisconsin?

Anonymous said...

But is it up to us to change the public's opinion about Southbay? What they don't know, wont hurt them. I agree with Brian, don't do it.