Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BEER PONG???? Management Meeting Vote

So how do we come up with what we do at Saint Rocke? How do we come up with a promotion, figure it all out, and finally, AGREE on it? Well instead of trying to explain it, I thought we'd show you the final vote process at our management meeting and introduce some of the team.  This is what happens every Wednesday in our office - and this week it was the discussion and vote on the BEER PONG promotion.
Check out the vote, and meet some characters!


Anonymous said...

Ready to get my balls wet!! They're already dirty

gerilyn said...


Anonymous said...

i don't think beer pong on a monday night is going to be very successful... seems like bar trivia or something maybe a little more creative would be better for those who have a 9-5, keep brainstorming kids!!!

Anonymous said...

here's a suggestion that would be a good alternative to beer pong: give your customer's some incentive to want to stay out late on a monday! i would suggest drink tokens ( only distribute on monday and make people earn them by winning games, such as name that tune (keep it music oriented)!!!! STICK TO YOUR "ROOTS"