Tuesday, August 31, 2010

VINTAGE ROOM: Wine, Art & Culture

Remember the culture blog? Well, we decided to actually try and do something about it. We love wine, we love music, we love art. So we put all three together. September 14th. Im hoping I was wrong, and that the South Bay will be into this. We'll be having a live artist filmed as he paints his thoughts on what the wine we're tasting looks like on canvas. We'll also have live jazz going, and Bryon Holley will be hanging out, teaching us about the wines that are being tasted. For $30 you'll get three wine tastings, a glass of the one you like, dinner, good conversation, live art, and live music. From there, we'll take comments & feedback for the next one, which we'll have monthly. Want to be a part of this? let me know...anything artistic will be considered, as long as its outside the normal box of what's done all the time around here.  So what do you say...share a glass of wine with me?


Anonymous said...

like the fact that you take your discontent and act on it! kudos & see you there :-)

Harm Harm said...

This. Is. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that my comments in that thread didn't go unnoticed. This sounds really cool, especially pairing the jazz with art.

However...$30 is pretty steep for a Tuesday night. Can you also try an alternative to this idea on another Tuesday where the cost is $5 or less.

Instead of hiring an artist and wine expert, how about hosting a small art show instead in that middle room/library?

This way, people can walk around with their wine and look at the pieces in that room, and if they wanna watch the jazz band, they can remain in the area by the bar.

And if there's not enough money for a local jazz band, pipe it in over the speakers. The main attraction should be the art show along with discounts on wine.

Josh said...

This. Is. Awesome.