Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Years Artist Booked, but not Announced...

So we just booked New Years, and personally Im super excited. We cannot announce the band yet, but I can tell you that I also booked them on October 24 somewhere in the South Bay at a surprise performance, so when you hear about that after the fact, you'll know they are hitting Saint Rocke for a two-day performance (Dec 31, and Jan 1). I had a ski trip planned, but actually cancelled it because I wanted to see this band play. I think you are all going to be pretty stoked on the evening - I'll keep you posted on details, and I'll also be giving blog readers first chance at the good tickets. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hopfully I'll find someone to kiss on New Years! But if this band is as good as you say, I don't think I'd mind makin out with myself

Camron Carter said...

we'd love to be a part!!! there's not much that can disappoint us...looking forward to hearing the big news!

Anonymous said...

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