Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Demand for Art, and why technology seems to made it a bargain offer...

It seems to me lately that there is disorder in the economics of art. Simple supply & demand. With the birth & growth of the internet, there has been a huge oversupply of in the art world: everyone is a musician, a producer, a writer, an everything (shit, look at me and this blog). But what I've seen now, is that the TRUE musicians & artists, the ones that have true talent, now have to dodge and weave through this digital world like asteroids in the old Nintendo game to get noticed. And what has also happened, is that it's become a buyers market. Free downloads, free this, free that. Well goddamnit, free sucks. Why do we want everything for free? Why do we want to take a song (a piece of someone's soul that they probably spent 20 hours on) and not even pay $1.00 for it?

Tonight at Saint Rocke is the impetus of what I wrote above. Norton Wisdom. Painter. If you cruise tonight, you'll see this guy paint things from NOTHING, in ten minutes, right IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES, based on what the music playing is telling him. It is absolutely unreal. I saw it for the first time two weeks ago, and trust, it will blow your mind. He should be in a museum, or on TV, and to be honest, Im humbled he agreed to do this for Saint Rocke (we're not real big potatoes if you add AEG & Live Nation to to the game)......

So yes, I'm self promoting. But no, you don't have to partake in the wine night. There is no cover. Im paying Norton. So technically, you could come in and watch this for $0.00. True. But my goal is that you'll see this and you'll want to contribute to him, you'll want to pay him. Because without Norton, and others like him, ART IS GONE.

Watch Norton at WORK


Sass said...

Great post. Just wish I read it sooner!

Sophia said...

Norton Wisdom is epic. Mercury Falls, a electronic/experimental group performed live at Royal/T and Norton provided the visual stimulation.

Keep on rockin' in the free world!

Anonymous said...

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