Tuesday, August 31, 2010

He says it perfectly....

I read this article. this morning. this is a talent buyer at a large venue. He nailed it...

What are your thoughts about ticket prices?
I love an agent, when I say “How much?” and the agent says, “All-in, with fees, we want a top of $38.”
That’s an agent who’s looking out for the fan base of his artist and is therefore looking out for his artist.
To say, “I need a hundred grand” is the wrong way to approach “the triangle.”
I learned early in my career there is a triangle in the concert industry. There are three stakeholders that have to have a good financial and experiential success in order for the event to be successful.
The first is the artist, the second is the patron and the third is the infrastructure, which includes the venues, the promoters, agents and managers.
All three of those points on that triangle have to be successful to have a good experience financially and experientially. If any of the three points is slighted, it becomes a house of cards.
And the venues, agents, promoters and managers have all got to stay in business for the concert industry to stay successful. I think that’s part of the turmoil right now, that people have forgotten that.

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